OK Autrod 308LSi


OK Autrod 308LSi

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A continuous solid corrosion resisting chromium-nickel wire for welding of austenitic chromium nickel alloys of 18% Cr - 8% Ni-type. OK Autrod 308LSi has a good general corrosion resistance. The alloy has a low carbon content making it particularly recommended where there is a risk of intergranular corrosion. The higher silicon content improves the welding properties, such as wetting. The alloy is widely used in the chemical and food processing industries as well as for pipes, tubes and boilers.

Typical Tensile Properties

Condition As Welded As Welded
Shielding Gas Tested at 350°C.
Tensile Strength 570 MPa 490 MPa
Yield Strength 400 MPa 370 MPa
Elongation 36 % 25 %

Deposition Data

Current Deposition Rate Diameter Voltage Wire Feed Speed
55-160 A 1.0-4.1 kg/h 0.8 mm 15-24 V 1.0-4.1 m/min
80-240 A 1.5-6.0 kg/h 1.0 mm 15-28 V 1.5-6.0 m/min
100-300 A 1.6-7.5 kg/h 1.2 mm 15-29 V 1.6-7.5 m/min
65-220 A 1.1-5.4 kg/h 0.9 mm 15-28 V 1.1-5.4 m/min
0.0-0.0 kg/h 0.6 mm 0.0-0.0 m/min
0.0-0.0 kg/h 1.14 mm 0.0-0.0 m/min
230-375 A 5.2-8.6 kg/h 1.6 mm 23-29 V 5.2-8.6 m/min


Wire Electrode SFA/AWS A5.9 : ER308LSi
Werkstoffnummer : ~1.4316
EN ISO 14343-A : G 19 9 L Si


Grade 308L SA BT (M12)
Society BV
Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.

Consumable Characteristics

Alloy Type Austenitic (with approx. 8 % ferrite) 19% Cr - 9% Ni - Low C - High Si

Typical Weld Metal Analysis %

Wire Composition
C Cr Cu Mn Mo Ni Si Si+Fe
0.01 % 19.9 % 0.10 % 1.8 % 0.15 % 10.5 % 0.9 % 9 %

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Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : OK Autrod 308LSi
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.6mm 5kg 1612064600
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.8mm 100kg 1612089500
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.8mm 15kg 1612089820
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.8mm 200kg 1612089300
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.8mm 5kg 1612084600
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.9mm 100kg 1612099500
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.9mm 15kg 1612099820
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.9mm 250kg 1612099320
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.9mm 250kg 161209937U
OK Autrod 308LSi 0.9mm 5kg 1612094600
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 100kg 1612109500
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 15kg 1612109820
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 15kg 1612109890
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 250kg 1612109320
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 250kg 161210932U
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 250kg 1612109370
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 500kg 1612109A00
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.0mm 5kg 1612104600
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.14mm 15kg 1612119820
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.14mm 15kg 161211982Q
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.14mm 250kg 1612119320
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.1mm 100kg 1612119500
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.2mm 15kg 1612129820
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.2mm 250kg 1612129320
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.2mm 250kg 1612129370
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.6mm 15kg 1612169820
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.6mm 350kg 1612169410
OK Autrod 308LSi 1.6mm 450kg 1612169420