Balanced Boom Assembly


Balanced Boom Assembly

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  • Extended a 12 or 15 ft. torchs reach from a 20 ft. radius up to a 31 ft. radius
  • 350 degree envelope of operation in most uses
  • Boom adjusts from 50 degrees up to 6 degrees down from horizontal position, can be used for tall weldments
  • Fully balances feeder weight for fingertip control of feeder height, no lever jacking
  • Mast has 6 ft. 10 in. clearance from floor to boom support pin
  • Standard mounting directly to concrete floor
  • Pallet and cart mounting options available
  • Extremely rugged steel construction for years of continuous use
  • Weld parameters easily adjustable on the standard feeder at the end of boom
  • Wire spools mountable to mast or feed wire from Marathon Pac

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Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : Balanced Boom Assembly
Balance Boom,10 ft. B-10/FHD 0558004006
Balance Boom,12 ft. B-12/FHD 0558003734
Balance Boom,16 ft. B-16/FHD 0558003737
Balance Boom,8 ft. B-8/FHD 0558004002
Accessories : Balanced Boom Assembly
Boom Mounting Bracket Kit, Aristo, Origo Feed 0558005581
ERS Conduit Bushing Support Bracket 37770
Inlet guide for Marathon Pac (use with 899F50) 0558002354
Pallet Base 37776
Quick connector for Marathon Pac 899F50
Spindle Assembly, (For mast mounted spools. Requires 1/4" hardware) 948259
Strain relief for welding gun 0457341881
Welding Cart with Wheels 37777
Wire reel, Steel, 30 kg 34323