New Arc Welding Equipment Line Has Something for Every Welder

This year ESAB has introduced more new welding products than any time in the past decade. With many additions to its arc welding line, ESAB has something for nearly every application. The new equipment is designed with user-friendly technology to help even less experienced welders produce high quality welds in a very short time, yet more functionality is available for the more experienced and demanding welder.

ESAB's new line of advanced multi-process welding equipment features a unique capability to "mix and match" wire feeders, control panels and power supplies to "customize" the equipment for user applications. The new line offers four wire feeder/control panel selections that can each be combined with one of three power sources. Simply choose the functionality you desire and the power you need to economically create the ideal solution for your application. As needs change, functionality can be easily altered by simply upgrading the control panel or power source.

Our new "Power to Choose" web site walks you through the steps to choose the exact system to meet your her needs. We have also provided an online version of our new brochure on these products.

The Origo Feed 3004 with M23 panel is a sturdy easy-to-use welder with features for reliable MIG, FCAW and Stick welding.

The Origo™ Feed 3004 with MA24 panel features QSet™, a unique function to optimize welding parameters in short arc for solid wire welding in stainless and carbon steels. Simply set the wire feed speed and QSet™ automatically selects the correct welding parameters for the required wire/gas combination.

The Aristo™ Feed 3004 with U6 panel offers the ability to create up to 60 synergic welding lines, allowing "one-knob" set up for welding with solid wire, cored wire, metal-cored wire and various gas mixes.

The Aristo™ Feed 3004 with U82 Plus panel offers SuperPulse™ technology for exceptional heat control, as well as the ability to create up to 92 synergic welding lines

The three new power sources feature well-proven chopper technology for high reliability and outstanding welding performance. The Mig 4002c provides 400A @ 60% duty cycle; the Mig 5002c provides 500A @ 60% duty cycle, and the Mig 6502c provides 650A @ 60% duty cycle.
This entire line of equipment comes with a three-year warranty.

Don't need a multiprocess machine? We also have new equipment for MIG, TIG and Stick welding:

The new OrigoMig line are 230/460 V 3 ph 60 Hz step-switched power sources for medium (320) to heavy-duty (410 and 510) MIG welding. These powerful, flexible machines offer a wide current and voltage range that make it easy to optimize settings for a wide variety of filler metals and gases

The new Origo Arc 410c and 650c are sturdy and robust switching converter (chopper) power sources intended for manual heavy-duty stick welding with coated electrodes, TIG welding and air carbon arc gouging. The wide current range and stepless current control make it easy to optimize settings.

The new Migmaster 215 Pro/280 Pro welding power units are compact MIG units designed to deliver outstanding weld performance with solid wires of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, as well as cored-wires with or without shielding gas. 

Joining the Caddy family of portable welders is the new CaddyMig 160i, an easy-to-use, powerful machine for MIG welding of mild steels. Caddy machines are all extremely portable and are housed in a tough, impact-resistant case, making them an excellent choice for repair, maintenance and assembly work.