ESAB Sponsors Leading Sculptor of Welded Art World

October 21, 2019

Annapolis Junction, M.D. – ESAB today announced that it is sponsoring world-renowned metal artist David Madero, Mexican-American sculptor and founder of Madero/Co., a welded art company located in Torreón, Mexico. From tiny to colossal, Madero produces an array of dreamlike sculptures and functional pieces from steel, brass, copper and bronze. ESAB will kick off its sponsorship of Madero at FABTECH 2019, where Madero will create a sculpture based on ESAB’s We Shape the Future brand campaign in ESAB booth B17087. FABTECH 2019 takes place November 11-14 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

“I’m hopelessly obsessive-compulsive when it comes to the sculptures and designs,” says Madero. “I stay up nights. All day long, I dream about what I’m going to create the next day.”

Madero’s most notable work includes a 500-ft. monumental steel ‘Serpentina’ for Albuquerque International Airport and an epic ‘Eagle & Serpent’ (Mexican coat of arms) installed in front of official residence of the President of Mexico. He is currently finishing a 120-ft. tall Christ sculpture. In addition, Madero produces smaller works of art and sculptured furniture.

“We want to do everything ourselves,” says Madero. “That means designing and welding everything that my team and I might need at the Madero/Co. workshop — from our own desks, doors and windows, even book shelves.”

Madero is not only obsessively creative but also exceptionally passionate about education as it relates to artistic welding and cutting. He attends workshops around the world to educate people on the artistic possibilities and opportunities outside of typical welding industry vocations.

“I am profoundly amazed with the talented artists coming out of trade schools and welding shops,” says Madero. “They’re people like me, with no formal art school training and preconceived notions about what art should be, who can do instinctive and creative things with the welding skills that they’ve acquired."

Tools Matter

As the exclusive welding and cutting equipment supplier for Madero, a variety of ESAB products will be featured alongside Madero in his workshop and elsewhere as he unveils his work in educational workshops. “We need the best equipment and the best tools to express ourselves artistically, because there is not a single welding process that we don’t use,” says Madero. “When it has to do with our own artwork, each weld that we do is a piece of ourselves. ”

Madero started using Victor torches roughly 35 year ago when his father introduced him to metalworking. Fast forward to today, and Madero has forged an ongoing social media relationship with ESAB that blossomed into their current collaboration.

“Victor torches are the absolute best,” says Madero. “They are so durable. You can’t break them.”

In addition to Victor gas equipment, other ESAB equipment Madero will use includes Rebel™ EMP 205ic AC/DC all-process welding system, Rebel EM 215ic MIG welder, Rebel EMP 285ic multi-process welding system, Thermal Dynamics® Cutmaster® 60i manual plasma cutter and an assortment of ESAB welding and cutting protective gear and clothing.

“We are thrilled to be involved with someone who has so much passion for his craft as well as for passing his knowledge on to others,” says Steven Molenda, Director of Global MarCom and Marketing Strategies, ESAB. “Madero/Co. is a great example of artful transformation and what it means to weld something that you would have never thought possible. We Shape the Future aligns perfectly with Madero’s creative talent and enthusiasm.”

Madero believes FABTECH is a great venue to showcase this artistic alignment. “My sculpture will be surreal. People will not only comprehend its symbolism, but the FABTECH audience will also understand the processes behind it, enhancing their appreciation.”

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World-renowned metal artist David Madero, a life-long Victor torch fan, will create a sculpture live in the ESAB booth at FABTECH.

World-renowned metal artist David Madero, a life-long Victor torch fan, will create a sculpture live in the ESAB booth at FABTECH.