Heavy industrial welding at a higher level.

Heavy Industrial Welding at a Higher LevelHeavy Industrial Welding at a Higher Level

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The ESAB Difference

Heavy-hitting lineup.

Award-winning cloud-connected welding equipment for maximum high-amperage performance and uptime.

Single-source partner.

A full range of ESAB products - including manual and automated equipment, filler metals, productivity software, and more - to streamline procurement and supply chain.

Outstanding expertise.

Your entire workflow optimized by ESAB application engineers who provide customized productivity recommendations.

Streamlined sales and support.

Simple purchasing process with financing options and reliable aftermarket support.

Increase your productivity with a free three-month subscription to ESAB's WeldCloud software.

Connect select ESAB equipment with WeldCloud and see how you can enhance weld quality and efficiency.

  • Analysis of welding metrics
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard
  • Consumption tracking, including arc time factor, net deposition rate, and more
  • Full traceability with barcode and QR code scanning

Product Solutions

Lower your operating costs and increase your output with products designed around your business. From single machines to complete packages, ESAB's full range of heavy metal fabrication solutions have been developed to boost your bottom line.


Flexibility for most applications.

Multi-process power source for heavy-duty productivity.
  • MIG, flux cored, stick, and TIG welding processes available, as well as arc gouging
  • Runs 400 to 820 A at 60% duty cycle
  • Higher amperage units available for gouging capabilities with electrodes up to 1/2 in.
  • Welds .030-3/32 in. flux cored and solid wires and comes with a full range of stick capabilities
  • Integrates with WeldCloud software when paired with the Universal Connector
  • Built with inverter technology for outstanding arc performance and energy savings
  • Simple controls in an all-in-one power, gas, and control bundle
  • IP23 rated

  • Multi-process power source
  • 300 A @ 60% duty cycle
  • IP23S rated
  • Multi-process power source
  • 400 A @ 60% duty cycle
  • IP23 rated
  • Multi-process power source
  • 500 A @ 60% duty cycle
  • IP23 rated
  • Multi-process power source
  • 750 A @ 100% duty cycle
  • IP23 rated
  • Advanced gouging capabilities


Advanced capabilities for complex fabrication.

Multi-process power source for pulsed welding applications.
  • Built for manual, robotic, and semi-automatic welding applications
  • Advanced pulse functionality reduces heat input and minimizes spatter
  • Advanced models include Swift Arc Transfer for high-speed welding
  • Up to 250 preprogrammed synergic lines
  • Integrates with WeldCloud software
  • Built with inverter technology for outstanding arc performance and energy savings
  • IP23 rated

ARISTO® 4004i Pulse
  • Multi-process pulsed MIG power source
  • 400 A @ 60% duty cycle
  • 0.95 power factor for increased energy savings
ARISTO® 5000i
  • Multi-process pulsed MIG power source
  • 500 A @ 100% duty cycle
  • For critical robotic or semiautomatic applications
ARISTO® 500ix
  • Pulsed MIG power source
  • 500 A @ 60% duty cycle
  • IP23 rated

Robust Feed

Unbeatable durability and maximum performance.

Wire feeder for high performance, unrivaled portability, and durability.
  • Runs 550 A at 50% duty cycle, 500 A at 60%, and 400 A at 100%
  • Pulse-on-pulse and other advanced welding capabilities
  • Feeds solid wires up to 5/64 in. (2.0 mm) and cored up to 3/32 in. (2.4 mm) at speeds of 30 to 985 IPM (0.8-25.0 m/min.)
  • Three comfortable handles and two additional lifting points
  • Flat and vertical wheel kits and trolley integration allow for ultimate mobility
  • IP44 rated

  • Portable wire feeder
  • IP44 rated
  • Integrates with Warrior power source
  • Portable wire feeder
  • IP44 rated
  • Integrates with Aristo® power source for pulsed MIG applications
  • Portable wire feeder
  • IP44 rated
  • Integrates with Aristo® power source for advanced pulse applications
  • Portable wire feeder
  • IP44 rated
  • For pulse-on-pulse welding and high requirement critical applications


Portability and power.

Lightweight, rugged portable power source.
  • Stick and DC pulsed TIG versions
  • Runs 300 A at 40% duty cycle with input and welding cables up to 330 ft.
  • Connects to 208-480 V single- and three-phase power (±10%) with auto-sensing functionality and no rewiring required
  • Easy to carry with three-handle roll cage design and cable management system
  • Models ranging from 33 to 37 lb.

  • Compact power source
  • 300 A @ 40% duty cycle
  • For live arc TIG and stick welding
  • Compact power source
  • 300 A @ 40% duty cycle
  • For pulse DC TIG and HF TIG applications
  • Compact AC/DC TIG power source
  • Multi-voltage input

Industry Expertise

Discover how our products have helped those in the most demanding industries, get heavy fabrication insights, and find out more about what ESAB can offer you.

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