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Selecting the Right Welding Process and Filler Metal for Repair Work

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Porosity Problems in GMAW Welds

I am having problems with porosity in my aluminum groove welds. I am currently unable to pass radiographic inspection. I am failing this inspection because of excessive porosity in the weld. We are using the GMAW process and welding ½ inch thick 5083 base material with an ER5183 filler alloy and pure argon shielding gas. How can I correct this porosity problem and improve the x-ray quality of my welds.

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Posted in Aluminum Welding , Tagged with GMAW, GTAW, Heliarc, TIG

Feedability in GMAW Welding of Aluminum

The demands of welding applications vary extensively, and the cost of each feeding system varies also. The cost of down time from feeding problems and replacement parts can also be significant. For these reasons, you should choose the feeding system that is best suited to your application and set it up to optimize its feeding capability.

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MIG Wire Selection Guide

Welding performance of a MIG wire described.

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Aristorod MIG Welding Wire

See the Aristorod MIG Welding Wire video.

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