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General Fabrication

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The Electrode of Choice for General Fabricators

Atom Arc®, the original iron powder low hydrogen electrodes, is used by general fabricators in all types of industry for welding mild and low alloy steels. The electrode of choice for professional welders on critical weldments, Atom Arc is also used for all types of welding jobs, large and small. Atom Arc welds can be found in petrochemical pipelines, on off-shore rigging platforms, on pressure vessels and piping, as well as boilers, water towers, vehicles, equipment and structural steel. Wherever fabricators need high quality weldments they can depend on, Atom Arc is there.

Welders appreciate Atom Arc’s superior welding performance, excellent bead shape, and smooth metal transfer. They also appreciate the easy portability of this all-position electrode, allowing them to reach out-of-way places. The complete slag coverage and minimal spatter make clean up quick and easy. Atom Arc makes the welder’s job easier.

Inspectors and welding engineers appreciate Atom Arc’s consistent, reliable performance. Used for everything from simple tacking operations to production welds, Atom Arc offers excellent mechanical properties, toughness and crack resistance. Atom Arc’s consistent quality welds can be trusted to pass x-ray inspection and any other test specification they might encounter, no matter how rigid. Atom Arc displays exceptional impact strength in both as-welded and stress-relieved conditions.

Atom Arc 7018 offers superb mechanical characteristics, with a yield strength of 68,000 psi, tensile strength of 78,000 psi, and typical Charpy V-Notch impact properties of 18 ft.-lbs. (228 J) at -20º F (-29º C). Additional formulations are available for special applications, high tensile steels, low temperature environments, and Chromium-Molybdenum alloys.

Moisture resistant coatings are incorporated in all Atom Arc electrodes. These flux coatings are manufactured to effectively resist moisture and provide an extra degree of reliability, particularly for electrodes exposed to high humidity environments. Atom Arc meets AWS A5.1 and A5.5 specifications as well as military requirements for moisture control.

General fabricators also appreciate that Atom Arc is backed by ESAB’s incomparable technical support. With 100 years experience in welding, ESAB can help you solve your toughest welding problems. Whether welding critical junctions or simple day-to-day welding projects, professional welders ask for Atom Arc.

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