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ESABMig 400t and 500t

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• Outstanding welding characteristics- three phase,
thyristor-controlled power supplies provide high
efficiency, high quality DC MIG welding
• ESABMig 400t- rated 350 A @ 60% duty cycle
• ESABMig 500t- rated 500 A @ 60% duty cycle
• For use with ESABFeed 30-4 and 48-4 wire feeders
• Sturdy galvanized metal casing with optional air
filter- made to withstand tough, corrosive, and dirty
• Wide current and voltage range- multiple purpose
• Three inductance taps- easy to optimize settings for
different applications
• TrueArcVoltage System- guarantees that you weld with
the correct arc voltage independent of application set-up
• Ready to weld- Heavy-duty wheel kit, cylinder rack, and
5 m (16 ft) of primary input cable are already installed. A
5 m (16 ft) work cable and clamp is also included
• Three- year warranty

Robust and powerful
ESABMig 400t and 500t are sturdy and robust thyristor-controlled
rectifiers for heavy duty MIG welding. Well proven technology
together with ESAB-developed software provides high reliability
and outstanding welding performance.
The machines are made with a strong galvanized metal casing to
withstand harsh environments. The large wheels, sturdy lifting
eyelets and an under-carriage designed for transport with a forklift
makes the machines easy to move.

Easy to use
The wide current and voltage range and the three inductance taps
make it easy to optimize settings for a wide variety of filler
materials and gases. All settings are made on the wire feeder,
which can be brought close to the workpiece.

The machines are optimized to operate together with ESABFeed
30-4 and 48-4 wire feeders, and possibility for mechanization
applications using ESAB Miggytrac and Railtrac. The possibility
to use extension cables up to 35 m (115 ft), the small portable
wire feeder MEK 20, and the intermediate wire feeder MEK 25
gives a working radius of up to 65 m (213 ft) to suit all your
individual welding needs. The TrueArcVoltage System, in
combination with an ESAB PSF MIG gun, guarantees that you
weld with the correct arc voltage independent of any voltage
drop in the welding cables. This means that you will get the
same arc voltage and weld result if you have a set-up with a 3 m
(10 ft) welding gun, as you will if you use a set-up for 65 m (213
ft) working radius.

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Delivery content: 5 m (16 ft) input cable, 5 m (16 ft) work cable with ground clamp,
wheel kit, cylinder rack, and guide pin for the wire feeder.

MIG 400t and 500t