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Victor® EDGE™ 2.O Gas Regulator Offers Intuitive Operation, More User-Friendly Design And Superior Performance

May 4, 2017

Florence, SC - Victor ®, an ESAB brand, today announced the introduction of its EDGE™ 2.0 heavy-duty, high-capacity single-stage cylinder regulators. EDGE 2.0 regulators are available for all common gases, including acetylene, L.P. (propane), oxygen, air, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and inert gases.

EDGE 2.0 features an extra large 2 ½-in. diameter delivery gauge and uses a high-contrast, color-coded gauge face that enables operators to more easily see and set delivery pressure. The cylinder pressure gauge is smaller and offset to create a difference in depth perception. Even from a distance, operators can tell if they have sufficient cylinder contents and if delivery pressure is within safe and acceptable ranges. For further clarification, "HP" and "LP" are molded into the gauge guards.

"ESAB's Voice of Customer feedback program indicated that customers wanted a regulator with more intuitive operation, a better gauge guard, easier field reparability and superior performance. EDGE 2.0 delivers on every customer request while carrying forward the safety features that differentiate EDGE regulators from the competition," says John Henderson, Director Product Development, Global Gas Equipment, ESAB.

Additional improvements include a sloping gauge guard that provides more clearance for wrenches between the cylinder nut valve and regulator body, as well as contoured edges that eliminate the risk of scraped knuckles on sharp corners when cracking open a tight cylinder valve. Instead of plastic, Victor made the gauge guard from a high-strength alloy. The modular gauge disassembles in about 30 seconds using a standard Torx driver, and an ultra-reliable O-ring seal eliminates messy Teflon ® tape and pipe threads. EDGE 2.0 uses a stainless steel diaphragm that has surpassed 50,000 endurance cycles, which is five times more than UL requires and twice as good as the EDGE 1.0 elastomer diaphragm was required to endure.

Award Winning

Validating the breakthrough nature of this regulator's design, EDGE 2.0 won a 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD in the Product - Industry/Skilled Trades category. Since 1953, Germany's oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, has awarded the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD to highlight the best in design all over the world.

Bob Boyer, Principal Engineer for Gas Equipment, ESAB, is the mechanical engineer who led the EDGE 2.0 design team. He notes that, "We designed EDGE 2.0 with a purposeful appearance. As a result, this regulator is a perfect blend of aesthetic innovation, superior functionality and ease of user interaction. There is no waste. There's nothing on the regulator that doesn't need to be there. We're extremely honored that the iF DESIGN AWARD recognizes these accomplishments."

Boyer explains that until Victor launched EDGE 1.0 in 2009, regulator design had changed very little since Victor introduced the modern gas regulator in 1913. With his original EDGE design, Boyer created a safer regulator through three primary design functions:

  • SLAM™ (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) technology built into the adjusting knob, permitting the knob to absorb the impact in the event of a cylinder fall.
  • Designing the pressure gauges so that they were an integral part of the regulator body for superior safety and protection.
  • Incorporating a particle trap so the regulator could pass ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test.

EDGE 1.0 set the new standard for regulator safety and performance. EDGE 2.0 takes safety and performance to new levels, and it now puts user-interaction at the forefront.

"The design of EDGE 2.0 makes operation more intuitive while reducing the potential for mistakes. Its design is really a vision for what gas equipment should be," says Boyer.

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EDGE 2.0
Available for all common gases, the Victor EDGE 2.0 regulator features an award-winning
design that enables users to instantly differentiate between the high and low pressure gauges,
as well as distinguish pressure settings from a distance. 

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